Bicicleta de Ruben desde Barcelona, ​​España/ Ruben’s bike from Barcelona, Spain!

Hey guys,

As you all know, we have been recently had the honour of being featured on a fixie bike website/blog known as The Fixed Gear World ( We were very excited and thankful knowing that people were appreciating our work on Paris (nickname for “from Paris, with Love”). We contacted the staff of The Fixed Gear World about a week ago and they got back to us the very next day with very good news: Rubén, the manager of the website reached out to us with interest in Paris.

So we wanted to let you guys know how our friend in Barcelona rolls in his black and pink fixie. That’s right – I said pink. We love the story behind Rubén’s bike – he’s got a Derbi Rabasa frame from the 80’s and he’s made a simple but one hell of a ride out of it. His colour scheme set up was simple. With the black frame, he had the pink and the pink KMC chains and pink tires to set it off. His saddle is a Selle Royal Contour Edition and pulls the chain with a 46 teeth 8” crank. Such a steady ride, solid frame – they now use it to test new products over at their lab – this fixie is a crucial part of the R&D over at their lab.


So how did Rubén start his journey with Pinky (his nickname for the bike)? His father-in-law found the bike frame lying in the garbage many years ago. Even though it was in the garbage, the man knew a gem when he saw it! It was originally gold-coloured and a 14-Speed gear setup. They kept the bike for many years, but only to be stored in the storage, never used. So one day, Rubén decided to tackle the project himself and revive the vintage Spaniard into a fixie! As Rubén says: “…I created a modern bicycle with an ancient heart … a unique design that everyone looks when they see me pass him in Barcelona”. I couldn’t have said it better myself – the part with the “ancient heart”… gave me goosebumps. Because that’s exactly how I felt when building Paris.


From this experience, we are very thankful for two reasons: making such a great friend who was kind enough to reach out to us all the way from Barcelona, Spain! It was truly an honour! Secondly, it feels really nice to have our Paris receiving some love and having her featured on such a popular website!

Muchas gracias, Rubén!

Esperamos saber más de usted y mantenerse en contacto con usted en el futuro!

Don’t forget to check out their website – and show some love for them on Facebook!

Pinky’s Specs:

Frame: Derbi Rabassa 80’s
Crank: 46 teeth 8” (Black)
Chain: KMC (Pink)
Saddle: Selle Royal Contour Edition
Wheels: 50mm deep V wheel by Mowheels (Black), and Pink Tires

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